About Acid Syndicate

Welcome to Acid Syndicate site from Arnhem, Netherlands provided by CF303. Acid Syndicate is a crossover of modern standard acid house music with an oldskool feeling and my own interpretation of the music, very much inspired by the Jackin' Chicago Acid House Sound. 


Acid Syndicate is a never ending acid House project and includes CF303 and two other acid subgenres: Acid Acid Alchemy Labworks and Superfly Guy. Acid Alchemy Labworks is Slo Mo Acid on 115 BPM or lower and is recorded with TR808 drums or CR8000 drums. The sound is very underground related with tribal and heavy groove doom elements. It's perfect acid for slam-dancers. 


Superfly Guy is named after the house track Superfly Guy (Fluffy Bagel Mixfrom Mark Moore's S'express project back in 1988 and also the 1972 blaxploitation movie Superfly Guy just like Mark Moore did.

Superfly Guy has some techno influences as well. It's on 125 BPM and it's faster than Acid Alchemy Labworks. In contrast to Acid Alchemy Labworks it's recorded only with TR909 drums. Superfly Guy is less underground and more club intended. The TB303 patterns are typical like the patterns used at the beginning of Acid House Movement in Chicago and London. Humoristic elements where used in the early days of the movement and, for me, humor in music has always been very important ingedient. I think acid is still the music for smiling and happy people and the smiley symbol as a mascot makes it complete. Some Acid Syndicate acid trax were produced with a touch of humor as well.


Here is a little history about how things started for me.


Back in 1988/89 I listened to radio almost every night and one night I tuned in to a pirate radiostation which played a mix of the first acid house records like We Are Phuture, Where is Your Child, Let There Be House or this one. A few months earlier I had already heard Kevin Reese Innercity's Big Fun and Good Life and Kraze with The Party when listening to a top 40 collector record at my friend's house and I found it awesome right away, but when I heard the first patterns of the legendary Roland TB303 Bassline by Tadao Kikumoto I became the jackin' acid house addict which I still am today.


The first acid records I bought was in the summer of 1989 Tyree's Cool House and Rock This Party Right and many would follow. In 1990, a friend accidentally found a cassette tape with an amazing acid house-mix with all the best acid house records of that time on, believe it or not, a city bus.. That tape changed things drastically for me. I played the tape thousands of times over the years and I knew one thing for sure - this is what I want, I want to make acid house music.


I could never get a Roland TB303 because they were too expensive and very rare and so I had no opportunity to make my own acid trax. I owned a Will Systems MAB-303, a nice piece of equipment but far from the real thing. That changed some years later when the first softsynth plug-ins hit the market.

A new music world opened for me with the AudioRealism ABL2 soft synth plugin. The perfect TB303 clone and it's also very flexible. In 2013 I start the first acid house project named CF (Control Freak) with a number of tracks like Make You Freak and New Dawn which is actually an ode to Donna Summer's I Feel Love and posted it on SoundCloud


The response was very possitive and the London based record label Mokujin Recordings by Paul Robinson became  interested and released Make You Freak and New Dawn on November 5, 2015. 

The Portuguese based acid house record label We Play Acid by Johnny Def was also interested in a couple of trax and asked me to make a remix of the track Oh Delay from the Canadian acid house artist and producer Flex Rock. It became a Tribal Acid Version. The record is released on 29 january 2016 and has apart from the CF's Acid Tribal Groove Mix, five other mixes from Acid Driver, Ciaran Byrne and of course Flex Rock himself. The first official CF Acid with Acid (2303 mix) on We Play Acid was released on September 16, 2016 together with around 30 other very nice acid artists on the collector New Acid Order vol.2


In June 2016 Acid Syndicate started the first Acid Alchemy Labworks Project. The idea was to make an eighteen tracker 115 BPM Slo Mo Acid Trax in a two-hour mix, releasing on X-Mass day. The project didn't make the deadline unfortunately. I finished more than two months later and had, instead of eighteen trax, 21 trax. Nineteen new ones and two old ones. The second deadline was 303 day (March 3th) but it didn't worked out either. I finished three days later. 

The Project is very thematic with subjects like things about sex, drugs, "acid monk's and jackin' Buddha's" and of course acid and lots of fun. Very groovin' from dark and doom to happiness. All Slo Mo Acid trax are created by the best drumbox ever, my absolute favorite, TR808.


Next project will be a ten tracker Acid Syndicate mix this summer. One of these tracks for the mix,  "Synthetic Pleasures" has already been released on several platforms. More info will follow.


Acid Syndicate is always looking for events to perform.


Acid Syndicate does not only posting own stuff here but would also like to post other music from other artist as well. The last couple of years I've learned that there is really great work out there from many acid artist who really deserve to be listened to by a bigger audience. I hope this site can do some good for it.

Under New Jack Generation (top right corner) it is possible for acid artist to post their acid art and promote themselves. Some artist are already part of the Acid Syndicate acid family like Mark Allen (UK), SonOnos (NL) Chrome Beats (BEL) and Dussle Rigman. 


If you are an acid artist and you'd like to promote your acid art here on the Acid Syndicate website please send me a link of your desired acid track on your Soundcloud page and it will be linked here at the Acid Syndicate website no matter what kind of acid, as long it is 303% acid from Slo Mo Acid to Acidcore and anything between. Recently, Acid Syndicate has also started a Acid House Group on Hearthis and you can also post your art there as well if you like.


Thank you for visiting.



Let's Jack !!