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Our next Future acid adventure will be dedicated to the evolvement of the acid music culture. We’re very excited to hear how that breath of fresh air has been influencing the sound we all love. 

We invite you to ride along our acid train & discover the culture of the seeing faces. Once uncovered they’ll appear daily as a pleasing pareidolia. Expect dirty acid, distorted basslines, pounding kicks and a mad soundsystem. In other words, time to put those smiles on! 


Ϟ Truss Aka MPIA3 (Overmono, Poly Kicks, Perc Trax. UK) 

Ϟ Charlton Live (Poverty Is Violence, MORD. UK) 

Ϟ Sifres Live (OBS.CUR. NL) 

Ϟ Bangbass Prodz Live (Bangbass prodz. NL) 

Ϟ Erlenmeyer Live (Violent Cases, Rave Alert. BE) 

Ϟ spacid (Kozzmozz, Future Acid. BE) 



Acid House Party: DJ Pierre + Ceephax Acid Crew (live)


It’s an anglo American acid house special at Jazz Cafe as we welcome Chicago legend and Phuture co-founder
DJ Pierre, alongside a rare live performance from the UK’s almighty Ceephax Acid Crew.

DJ Pierre is the well documented creator acid house in the 1980s, thanks in part to his seminal
anthem ‘Acid Tracks’ when whilst with his group Phuture.
He is one of the few artist who can rightfully claim to have defined and pioneered a brand new sound which has influenced generations to come, so calling Pierre a legend is almost an understatement. 

Someone influenced by Pierre’s legacy is Ceephax Acid Crew (often simply credited as Ceephax).
The British electronic pioneer has evolved the shape of the acid house sound into one of the globes
most exciting live analogue performances. You would expect nothing less from Squarepusher’s brother…


  • The Jazz Cafe, 5 Parkway, Camden, NW1 7PG London, United Kingdom