1989 / Acid Pirate Radio

Hi ! Finally something to report here from the Acid Syndicate front. Finally online four mixes that I've recorded in the summer nights of 1989 from an unknown pirate radio station. Until today I don't know who were behind it. For me it was the first real introduction and affection to House and Acid music in particular and therefore very important as a musical guide. Funny thing..all out of pure coincidence after I was looking for something on the radio. I still play the cassette tapes from time to time. You can find this four great mixes in Jack The Box here on the site. The most Acid tracks will be familiar to you and I have improved the quality a bit and I can only say enjoy it!


A very special album this month in Classics and Legends! Tyree's Cool House and Rock This Party Right. This was the very first Acid 12 "inch that I ever bought back in 1989!! And that was around May too I believe.. Something to celebrate and therefore acid record of the month!


I chose the Fast Eddie's Raw Mix which I personally always found the best of all. I hope you also like this GREAT! record.

Nice weekend Y'all and ACIEED RULES !! Rock the party right this weekend!