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Finally a message from me!


First a Happy Smiley 2019.


It is exactly 30 years ago this year that I was infected by the acid house virus, music that I have remained faithful to this day. A special year in which I also bought my first acid house record Tyree's Cool House - Rock this Party Right. I'll come back to that later this year. 

In 1989, acid house reached its peak. In that year, in my opinion, the best parties took place, often only consisting of smoke, stroboscope and decorations, very simple at beautiful locations. That was partly the power of Acid House. The best records also came out that year. Fortunately, I was able to find out most of them and add them to the collection. But there still some out there which I like to have to the collection. Nice detail it all started for me by accidentally finding a radio pirate that was on air some nights and they played acid house. I made recordings of some shows and the quality is still pretty good. As a cassette tape freak I still play them regularly. I intend to post these tapes on the website soon.


Speaking of.. I have also updated the website a bit with a new lay-out.

And from now on I will leave the songs in Classics and Legends on the website so you know which songs have already passed if you have not been here for a month or so. I've been very busy for the past few months. I made quite a lot new songs, some have already been posted on Soundcloud and Hearthis, which you can find here of course on the website as well. Since a long time also some new songs with Acid Alchemy Labworks my slow-mo-acid project. The We're On The Move Party in the Move here in Arnhem will probably get a sequel. We are going to do things a bit better. At the first edition we had quite a bit of competition so the number of visitors was very low. Perhaps that evening we start with Acid Alchemy Labworks to slowly come in ;-) I'll come back to that soon with more news.


Nice weekend Y'all and ACIEED RULES !! Don't forget to look at the Acid Party Guide here! Rock the party right this weekend and maybe the 303 bleeps will pass by somewhere! 

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