2nd Summer of Love 1988 /89 30 Years On

Hey Acid House Lovers


Welcome back.


Does someone of the older among us remember the 2nd Summer of Love?

This summer it has been 30 years since it all started and is something special to celebrate. What would we be without it today? We even fought for it, because politicians and the press were not amused with this phenomenon.


So I've put some nice albums from that time on my Youtube channel. Only a few of the many who left their mark on this time. I've also posted some of these records on the monthly classics on the website and I hope you will like them. I hope it does express a little of the feeling of that time!


Maybe you know some records by yourself as well, please feel free and let me know or perhaps you have a nice story of that time? Let me know! We can post these things here as well.


A little note.

Last year I had the idea for a new project that should be called Superfly Guy. I recently found out that this name is being used by many others. Separately from Mark Moore's S'Express Project and that is why I canceled it.

If the new project comes later this year, it will take place under a different name.


Have a nice summer of love, wherever you go!