Announcement: Acid City Bus Remake Mix release on Youtube

Hi guy's 


Last week Fred made his remake of the Acid City Bus mix from 1990 and it sounds great! Not only the mix itself, but of course also the quality! I played the original tape so much times over the years that the quality became poor and now it sounds really fresh in high quality. I also fixed some records from clicks and pops.

I started this week to make a little cover video for Youtube and it looks very nice, with on it of course Ken Kesey's legendary Acid City BusFriday night about 22:00 CET the mix (the both sides) will be released on the Acid Syndicate Youtube channel. Besides the mix I will also release all the tracks from the mix separately on the Acid syndicate Youtube channel. Some of them strangely has never be released on Youtube before.


So I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do and trip with us in the Acid City Bus ;)