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Hi Jackers


Finally all the titles of the City Bus Acid Mix are now known, all the credits to my friend Dj Fred and owner of The Move and as you know the maker of the mix. I'm proud to present the complete list: 


1.Boxcar - Comet

2.A Guy Called Gerald - In The Beginning
3.Adrenalin M.O.D. - Ecstacy (Wherever You May Be)
4.Humanoid - Cry Baby
5.Scrappy - Touch Me
6.Children Of The Night - It's A Trip (Mike Hitman Wilson's Mix)
7. Silicon Chip - FM (FFRR remix)
8. Children Of The Night - When I Get To Heaven
9. The Garden Of Eden - The Garden Of Eden
10.Kenny Dope - Just Me & You (Acid Dub)
11.DJ Pierre - Box Energy
12.L.N.R. - Kream (Til The Cows Come Home Mix)
13.Adonis - The Poke (Acid Poke)
14.A Guy Called Gerald - Rockin Ricki
15.Jaquarius - Love Is Happiness (Acid Rain)


1.Mystic - House Girl (Mike's 'Dunn 4 The Funn Of It" Mix)
2.Tyree - Night Of Acid
3.Jack Frost - Clap Me
4.Chip E. - Time To Jack (The Acid)
5.Funtopia - Beautiful People (Rise Up) (Jazzy M Remix)
6.Farley Jackmaster Funk - As Always (Acid Mix)
7.Mix Masters - House Express (Tyree's 'Transfer' Mix)
8.Nouveaux Nation - Too Deep
9.Overdose - Stomach Acid
10.Nebula - Nebula 1
11.Armando - Confusion's Revenge
12.Armando - 151
13.808 State - Sex Mechanic
14.The Decadent Disiples - Black Code
15.Phuture - Cocaine
16.Hot Hanas Hula - Hot Hands


Because the original mix no longer exists, we decided to make the whole mix in it's entirety again. That is now possible because I now have all titles in full possession. The most tracks have been refurbished by me and sounds very good! Maybe I will also post all songs independently. When the new mix is ready, it will be posted on Acid Syndicate Youtube Channel.


And again a nice coincidence! The last record from "Kenny Dope" on the mix which was unknowned is in order via Discogs. And without knowing it turns out the record comes from an old friend of mine, Arnhem Dj Mike Costez. Who lives around the corner, only one street away and I didn't even know that.. How coincidentally can this be? He is currently abroad and will deliver the record soon.


The City Bus Acid Mix is really full of surprises!


Another good news story is that Fred and I will organize a traditional Acid House Party in The Move for 100 to 200 people later this year. Fred and I will run the turntables and there will be a great live act as well that we will keep secret for a while.

For me, this means my first performance in more than 20 years. This also applies to organizing acid parties. The last time was in 1997 in Nijmegen at the Kolpinghuis. As I said before, it is going to be a traditional Acid House Party and will be very special, sometime after the summer. Furthermore, it is a try-out. If it becomes a success, more will come. Further details will follow.


Because I had very little time lately Acid Classic April has been delayed here on the A.S. website. Last month we had one of the best Acid House collectors. This month it's time for Pfantasy Club * - Never Give Up, another great Dj Pierre classic!