City Bus Acid Mix

Something amazing has happen!


Almost all titles of the City Bus Acid Mix are known now. The latest titles are Boxcar - Comet and Adonis - Time To Jack (The Acid)

And so there was still a mystery about: who made this great mix in 1990? Until yesterday!


First I have to tell something. I told you guys a little already here on my blog.


As I said before: from the beginning of the 80s me and a bunch of friends here in Arnhem went out to a pub at the Korenmarkt called The Move every Thursday and the weekend. It is now one of the oldest pubs of the Korenmarkt located in the Varkensstraat.

The Move has always been a place for the more alternative public such as hard rockers, punks, new wavers and everything around it. Later also house / techno / acid public in the 90s and beyond.

The Move was declared bankrupt a while ago, but the resident DJ Fred who worked there from the very first days has taken over The Move, which of course is great!


Because we went into the raves in the early 90s and did not go to the Korenmarkt anymore, The Move fell into oblivion until about a month and a half ago and because of the fact that I decided to fulfill a long-cherished wish in January this year! Namely to collect all songs from the now infamous tape on 12" inch. "With the great golden tip of Dutch Synthforum member 'Egres' some 6 years ago as a kickstart! He gave me at the time a tip that one of the missing titles was Black Code from the Decadent Disiples. By searching On Discogs I came to Fred. As I told you guys before, he owned Black Code of the Decadent Diciples and I bought it from him.


I told you guys also that he owned a lot of other great items for sale that I immediately took over from him. He told me he had already sold a lot of other items as well and because I did not know which items they were I stayed in the uncertainty of what was to come. I saw for example in his list on Discogs Adonis with Acid Poke, but I bought that item a few weeks earlier from someone else on Discogs. The track was also on the mix, but I still didn't had any clue!


Almost all tracks of the mix are known now and I will thank the members of the Dutch Synthforum and Downfall Records from UK for their great help. Thanks guys! But there's one mystery to solve. Who has made this mix?  A question which I asked myself for decades.


A few days ago, my girlfriend and I decided to grab a beer in The Move on Sunday evening and celebrate that I am still 49 for two days!

And yesterday afternoon, hours before we went to The Move, I was thinking about this question. I suddenly realized that Fred might be is the creator of this great mix that has been so decisive and inspiring for me all those years and has put me in the right music direction.

And it came last night to a great showdown! Because indeed! .. this amazing mix was made by non other than DJ Fred in 1990 .Yeah really really super !! 

The mystery was finally solved! Fred remembered some details I told him about the mix, but when I ask him if he knows Boxcar, he said, yes! I used Boxcar for Intro !! Than it became all clear, Fred is the one and only creator of this great mix that even DJ Pierre likes! 


I certainly do not want to ignore the fact that the tip of Dutch Synthforum member E-factor was decisive! He told me a few days earlier that the first track on the tape was from Boxcar with the track called Comet. Thanks!


It is nice how things are going and it was all the time so close by and this is so great! And I'm so happy about it !


Once again, to everyone who has been so helpful to me,  I think I could not have wished a nicer birthday present for my 50th birthday:)