Acid House record collection 3

Two weeks ago we move to The Move again for a meeting with Fred the new owner and former Move DJ. 

I have taken over some more records from him again. The collection is now starting to grow nicely with some very interesting items like Todd Terry, Baby Ford, Yazz The Only Way Is Up Bam Bam Remixes and An amazing track from The Shamen - Reraptyouare (Evil Edit) Never heard about it before..  As I said before, I try to get all the songs from a number of old acid tapes especially The Acid City Bus tape. Via another vendors at Discogs I became the beautiful acid house collection LP "Acido Amigo" with two important songs: Tyree's Night of Acid and Nouveaux Nation's Too Deep. I also bought Children Of The Night with The Trip and A Guy Called Gerald with In The Beginning and Rockin' Ricki - another important tracks of this tape. There was also a number on the Acid City Bus tape that I did not know who it was. So yesterday I uploaded an audio fragment with a simple self-made video on Youtube with the question if someone knows this Acid House track and refers to it through twitter. I was surprised.. in no time I received a response from Downfall Records (THANKS !!:) and they told me which track it was! Funny enough it turns out to be a song from Children Of The Night - When I Get To Heaven and I could buy this record on Discogs as a blank DJ promo really great!
With that, I almost complete the Acid City Bus Mix tape. Here all tracks so far:


A Guy Called Gerald - In The Beginning

Adrenalin M.O.D. - Ecstacy (Wherever You May Be)

Humanoid - Cry Baby

Scrappy - Touch Me

Children Of The Night - It's A Trip (Mike Hitman Wilson's Mix)

Silicon Chip - FM (FFRR remix)

Children Of The Night - When I Get To Heaven

DJ Pierre - Box Energy

Adonis - The Poke (Acid Poke)

Jaquarius - Love Is Happiness (Acid Rain)

Mystic - House Girl

Tyree - Night Of Acid

Jack Frost - Clap Me

Funtopia - Let Us Rise (Beautiful People)

Nouveaux Nation - Too Deep

Overdose - Stomach Acid

Nebula - Nebula 1

Armando - Confusion's Revenge

Armando - 151

808 State - Sex Mechanic

The Decadent Disaples - Black Code

Phuture - Cocaine

Hot Hanas Hula - Hot Hands


Still Missing:


Farley Jackmaster Funk - As Always (Acid Mix)

Mix Masters - House Express (Tyree 'Transfer' Mix)

The Garden Of Eden - The Garden Of Eden (Himalayan Mix)



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