Acid House record collection 2















Yesterday I was in an old cafe called The Move where we came every Thursday and Saturdays at the middle of the eighties. I was meeting the new owner and former dj who worked there since 1984, the time when we went there. He was selling me a part of his record collection mainly Acid House records. We drunk some beers (Hertog Jan beer the best) had a very nice conversation about the good old days and we found out that we have same goals. So we agreed that we will soon be working together - a try out. Soon I will tell you more about it. But it is nice how things can go. Actually I was just looking for a special Acid House record Black Code of The Decadent Disiples which I was looking for long period of years. And he had more in his collection, I didn't even know that he was living in the same city as I do. On the picture you can see which records he sold me.


On the picture above:

LNR - Kream

The Real Dynamic Duo - House Music All Night Long

Yazz - The Only Way Is Up (Bam Bam remixes)

The Beloved - Your Love Takes Me Higher

Baby Ford - Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh

Baby Ford  - Beach Bump

Coldcut - Doctorin' The House (Acid Mixes)

The Residents - Kaw-Liga

















On the picture above:

Jack Trax - Various III

Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid (from other seller)

The Decadent Disiples - Jesus Loves The Acid/Black Code

A Guy Called Gerald - The Peel Sessions (from other seller)

Todd Terry - Black Riot (A Day In The Life/Warlock)

Urban Acid - Various

The Todd Terry Project - Just Wanna Dance/Weekend

Royal House (Todd Terry) - A Better Way

L.D.Jam Inc - Rude Boyz

2 Guys On Acid (Bones & Musto) House Music (All Night Long)