Acid House record collection

Acid House music for me all started in 1989. In 1989 I was searching on the radio and ended up coincidentally with a radio pirate. They played the best Acid House records of that time.

I recorded some of the broadcast on tape. And in 1990 a friend of mine found a tape in a city bus. On that tape an amazing Acid House mix. In the years after I collect some of those Acid House records which they played, but unfortunately I didn't know all the titles. But thanks to Youtube I found the most of all the missing titles after all. In January this year I decided to collect finally all the missing acid tracks on those cassette tapes. Well, in the meanwhile I got some of these Acid House juwels. One record in particular: Acid House Various (Trax Records)  with the amazing Acid track 'Confusions Revenge from Armando'. I love this Acid track so much, one of my all time favorite! It is only released on the Trax Records collector and never on 12". It took me 30 years to get it in mint condition. Missed the record three times. One time in a record shop in 1989. I was to late because someone bought the record just a little earlier and the same thing at the end of nineties on a record fair. And two weeks ago I finally found a version on Discogs but after I ordered it I found out that Armando's Confusion Revenge track was damaged... Typical Trax Records and their bad vinyl. Trax Records melts vinyl from old records ..including labels. But I found another one on Discogs from a nice German seller which is absolutely mint condition. Yes 30 years waiting was all worth it!

I will post all the items here in my blog when they arrive. When I got it all complete I like to make a nice oldskool Acid House mix with all the records. 


The collection so far this year, on the picture: 808 State - Lounge Jays, Lake Eerie - The Nightmare, White Knight - Keep It Movin', S'Express - Superfly Guy, Acid House - Various, Nebula - Nebula 1, Funtopia - Let Us Rise/Beautiful People, House Sound of London - Various